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Mister Ramiro Alfredo Saravia

Mister Ramiro Alfredo Saravia
Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina on 04/06/1968

Head of Studies: UBA University of Buenos Aires, Faculty of Law
Work Activities: in the Juzgado Nacional Civil de Primera Instancia Nº 47 (1988-1996). Member of the Office of the Secretary of the Ministry of 'Agriculture of Argentina, Ing. Marcelo Regunaga (2001). Consultant in negotiations and solutions of disputes at the World Trade Organization (WTO) in the National Directorate of the markets of the Secretariat of the Argentine Ministry of Agriculture (2002-2007). Coordinator of the 'Multilateral Área de la Secretaría de Agricultura de la Nación (2007-2008).
Private consultant in International Commerce

Academic Activity: Teacher in courses and master of agricultural trade and international negotiations. Coordinator and teacher in the program 'Régimen Juridico de los Agronegocios' of the Facultad de Derecho de la Universidad Austral (2005).Grantee of a scholarship by the Organización de los Estados Americanos (OEA) to participate in the program: 'An Agenda Comercial para las Américas:' El Programa de Desarrollo y Doha para el Comercio de los Acuerdos en el Hemisferio 'made by George Universidad Washington, Washington, USA (2008). Practice in Trade Policy Course wing Harvard University, Boston, USA (2009).
Co-author of several publications in books and magazines related to international trade.

Languages: Castilian Spanish and English.

Mister Alessandro Maffini

Mister Alessandro Maffini
Born in Cremona, Italy, on 09/05/1981

Head of Studies: University of Milan, Faculty of Law; Thesis in Common Law: "The failure in the work of Gregory Fierli"
Work Activities: Legal consultant in Private International Law and Commercial Law at Law Firm Remaggi, Pico, Jessen & Asoc.; Buenos Aires, Argentina (2011-2012)
Legal consultant and consultant in foreign trade with Italian and Argentinian companies in areas of raw materials and gastronomy, with the realization of various market studies.

He has held seminars in "History of Italian commercial law" at the Universidad Publica de Salta, Argentina (2011).
He has participated in seminars of criminal procedure; scientific proof and BPA (Bloodstain pattern analysis)

Languages ​​spoken: Italian, Castilian Spanish and English

Mister Italico Maffini

Mister Italico Maffini
Born in Cremona, Italy on 29/05/1948

Head of Studies: University of Milan, Faculty of Physics Ph.d.
Work Activities: EDP manager for Costruzioni ing.Andreotti s.p.a. – Cremona - Italy (International industrial builder) Development of administration procedure with large data base and maintenance of production system and structural analysis systems (1974-1987).
Academic Activity: Teacher for industrial automation and information science for 2nd degree school experienced with the development of a project based on the use of the laser card used with the reader-writer device and a finger print device in a security access system (1987-1999).
Teacher for mathematics and physics for 2nd degree school (1999-2011).

ICT consultant: Consultant for local public administration mainly in sanitary area and consultant for several industrial companies mainly for production and quality control and for the design and control of industrial robots for manufacturing (from 1980).

2011 – Director of board of ‘Ansaldo Energia Holding’
2010 – 2011 – Director of board of ‘Ansaldo Energia’
2008 – 2010 – Counselor of secretary of Vice minister for transport
2007 – 2009 – Director of board of ‘Lombardia Informatica s.p.a.’
2005 – 2006 – Consultant of minister of Justice
2002 – 2003 – Counselor of secretary of under secretary for foreign commerce
2002 – 2003 – Vice president of ‘Sogei it’ ICT public company for local public administration
2002 – 2005 – Member of tender board for ‘Ministero delle Finanze’ for prices in the public company
2002 – 2005 – Member of tender board for ‘SOGEI’ for information technology components
2002 – 2006 – Member of several tender boards for ICT local public administration
2002 – 2007 – SIAN (National Information Service for Agriculture Ministery) member
2001 – 2007 – President of ‘SANTER s.p.a.’ ICT for public administration company
1994 – 1996 – Senator of Italian Republic

Languages ​​spoken: Italian and English