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what we offer

The internationalization of companies

Cenomani have the goal of assisting Italian companies in the path leading to internationalization:
be able to provide an abroad profile for your company, who can then compete in foreign markets, observing the local rules and knowing how to exploit cummunity and regional incentives.
Propose themselves in international markets with the support of Proyect managers who know not only the market but the culture and its people is the key to the success that Cenomani offers to its customers.

The institutional contacts, customs and trade of Argentina that Cenomani can offer are the strength of a company that aims to assist its clients from initial consultation, legal and commercial, to the more advanced steps.
Cenomani can assist with the creation of a subsidiary or a new-co in South America, relying on the fact of residing on site; it can follow the first steps of the company along side it in times of formation of a company, and then be able to offer business contacts and a wide range of projects that help the new-co moving coherently in a foreign market.

Cenomani is an Argentine company that propose in advance the commercial needs of a country constantly developing and constantly looking for contacts with Italy:
from projects of great works (alternative energy - infrastructure), to go to the food business, the industry, not only taking care of managing the various projects but also devoted to trading on behalf of its customers.
Cenomani can explore customs themes, such as making online market research in various fields.
In the end, Cenomani is capable of giving life to figures of legal representation overseas of its clients, caring for them and protecting their interests.

Investing in Argentina

Argentina, from north to south, has a thousand forms of investment, in the form of lands and real estate.
Cenomani is able to identify with its clients and according to their needs, houses and lands to create, through legal advice and signing of contracts, to desired investment.
The variety of climates, types of soils and agro applicable technologies, combined with the availability of cheap labor and government and regional incentives in the perspective of foreign settlement, bring the country to be a key for a good investment in the short, medium and long term.