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The Biological challenge

Not only soybeans and corn.
Argentina is the breadbasket of the southern hemisphere and to reason ,with her ​​boundless land intended for cultivation.
Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni recently introduced as a food supplement in Europe, is indeed always known in Latin America for its outstanding quality as sweetener, whose crystals, obtained by refining the leaves can sweeten more than 400 times the sugar.
Since the late 80s Stevia is grown successfully in Argentina and several local producers await the opportunity to collaborate and enter into agreements with foreign investors.
The low price of land, the wide availability of these and the favorable climate are factors that propitiate the investment in this sector.
Cenomani is able to trigger the start-up for the construction of a medium-long period project which allow the direct / indirect supply of raw materials and the further processing / refining of the same in situ.